Yes, they are like unsmiling, somber, cruel medieval clerics debating a concept that defies common sense. Since they are on the Supreme Court they can make their own Supreme Court Sense and debate it.

Yes, Corporations are persons, but they are “virtual” persons. They are not like you and I, as they do not take up space in the ether. The learned Judges have determined that Corporations can have Christian beliefs which are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Is it a coincidence that they are all Christian?

So they are going down the path of metaphysics. Can two or more corporations exist in the same place? This is a grave question. What about non-Christian religious beliefs. Are there gay corporations? Then there is the big one: Can corporations have sex? There is no question but that some corporations have been screwed and that Wall Street corporations have screwed us all. But we will have to wait for these and other answers from these wise men.

“Personhood” of a corporation is a fiction, and a rather modern one at that. These wise men will put the emperor’s clothes on the fiction.