In my opinion the failure of Justice Dewine, a Republican, to recuse himself from the redistricting dispute is a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party in Ohio. This is the party of Senator Householder who has been indicted for what amounts to bribery, and who after his indictment was seated back in the House.

Justice Dewine’s father chaired the Redistricting Commission. What judge in their right mind would proceed to hear a matter in which a family member was directly involved. I give Judge Dewine an “F” for integrity. The problem in my mind is that his Father was a member of the Commission. In Ohio there is no effective body to censure or discipline a sitting supreme court judge, and few would dare to try.

The redistricting at issue is almost laughable, and the defense enumerated by the 3 judges who supported it is a treatise in judicial gas.

Chief Justice O’Connor, who is not running for re-election, split the ties in throwing out the skewed plan. Judge Kennedy wants to be the new Chief Justice. Her nickname should be Judge Gerrymander.